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    • EVENT VIDEO for Dahlia Rose of Crystal Cognizance interviews the Akashic Librarians through Bonita, their beloved Channel.


Channeled Messages from the Librarians of the Akashic Records

Akashic Librarians teach us to Heal Souls with Collective Love - 8.19.2020     

Enjoy this video of Bonita channeling the Akashic Librarians

Dahlia Rose of Crystal Cognizance interviews the Akashic Librarians through Bonita, their beloved Channel.
Bring your questions for Dahlia Rose to discuss with the Akashic Librariains on your behalf!

Our beautiful planet Earth is changing, shifting, evolving. This may feel like The End of Times, but it is also the Birth of New Earth!
The Librarians of the Akashic Records are here and ready to help you find your best & healthiest Frequency. Become part of the New Earth Creation! Learn exactly what Gaia, our Divine Mother has planned for all life on our Planet, including Humanity's part with this New Cycle of Planetary Evolution!
The Akashic Librarians are ready to help us Evolve to become a Foundational Part of our Planet's Multi-Dimensional Re-Resonance. To get maximum connection with Earth's burgeoning Opportunities!
During a channeled message, Bonita enters a relaxed, meditative state while her personality "steps aside," allowing Those Who Love You to step forward and use her bodies and vocal chords to communicate in a direct, conversational manner. It is a remarkable and very beautiful spiritual experience. You will leave with your heart touched and your spirit lifted. The loving energy that Those of Light share is incredible, palpable and often life-changing. Bring your questions & receive clear, direct answers from The Akashic Collective.


Dahlia is mutli-certified subtle energy healing facilitator with a background in psychology and crisis counseling. She incorporates shamanic practices, sound healing, vibrational adjustments, reiki, crystal healing, angelic assistance & divine guidance to support others for their personal growth, evolution, and self-healing. She works in and with the light of the highest vibrations of consciousness and energy. Her work brings the mind and body deep into the present moment to allow self-healing and spirit expansion.
Dahlia’s subtle energy techniques creates a foundation that allows your vibration to attract what you need for a fulfilling life. Dahlia trusts in and shares the divine guidance that comes through in support of every person she works with.
The modalities that she has brought together are a great compliment to therapy, goal setting, weight loss, manifesting change, spiritual growth and evolution, and more. Her hope is to stand with those seeking their own healing and assist them in bringing awareness to their limiting beliefs and blocks so that they can release them and grow. Dahlia Rose owns and manages Crystal Cognizance Healing Center in Woodbridge, VA. Learn more at


Bonita Woods (author of The Akashic Adventures book series) was born with full memory of her entire existence, including all her lives and her time between lives. Bonita is a PranaShakthi Master Healer-Teacher and Director of PranaShakthi Global Academy. Bonita weaves this powerful and ancient Hindu practice with her Shamanic roots, her Akashic Connection and ability to travel through dimensions.
Bonita was first taught Divination and Messaging skills by her grandmother, then continued her studies with Gypsies and traditional seers from around the world. She currently spends her time studying with sacred teachers and indigenous healers. Bonita is trained in powerfully old, even considered lost, techniques.
Bonita is an experienced Aetheric Surgeon, Soul Realignment Healer and Akashic Record Reader. With over 50 years of experience of visiting her personal Akashic Record, Bonita has learned multiple techniques and attunements for working with the Records and other dimensions of both Higher & Lower Plains. Bonita naturally creates inter-dimensional portals and frequently, often daily, visits other Realms of Existence.
Learn more at & on YouTube at