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    • Event Link for Sunday April 4th, 4 PM (EST)

    • The Story of Judas the Pure from Jesus & Mary Magdalene as told through Bonita

    • Video of the 1st time Bonita channeled Jesus 12.1.17

A Pure Story Shared by Ascended Masters

Being fully attuned to the Akashic Library allows Bonita to become an Open Channel. Anyone of Pure Resonance can blend with and channel through Bonita. This requires a lot of practice with "tuning in" and fully connecting with the full frequency of her guests. Sometimes this process takes years to completely connect, to know that she can offer a pure platform to be a completely honest Host before Bonita is comfortable sharing their messages in public.

Today's Message Service is the result of 3 years of practice. We are very excited to share this experience with you!

During a channeled message, Bonita enters a meditative state while her personality "steps aside" allowing Our Friends of the Non-Physical to step forward and use her body to communicate in a direct, conversational manner. It is a remarkable and very beautiful spiritual experience. You will leave with your heart touched and your spirit lifted. The loving energy that we receive is incredible, palpable and often life-changing. Bring your questions and be ready for a lively, loving conversation with Divine Beings of Light and Love.

Bonita Woods (author of The Akashic Adventures book series) was born with full memory of her entire existence, including all her lives and her time between lives. Bonita is a direct student of the Sacred Guruji Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji, global leader of Pranashakthi Mahavidya. Bonita is a PranaShakthi Master Healer-Teacher and Director of PranaShakthi Global Academy. Bonita weaves this powerful and ancient Hindu practice with her Shamanic roots, her Akashic Connection and ability to travel through dimensions.
Bonita was first taught Divination and Messaging skills by her grandmother, then continued her studies with Gypsies and traditional seers from around the world. She currently spends her time studying with sacred teachers and indigenous healers. Bonita is trained in powerfully old, even considered lost, techniques.
Bonita is an experienced Aetheric Surgeon, Soul Realignment Healer and Akashic Record Reader. With over 50 years of experience of visiting her personal Akashic Record, Bonita has learned multiple techniques and attunements for working with the Records and other dimensions of both Higher & Lower Plains. Bonita naturally creates inter-dimensional portals and frequently, often daily, visits other Realms of Existence.
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