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Some of our most requested videos

Bonita and the Librarians of the Akashic Records

Learn to Read Your Akashic Records - part 1 of 8

Access your Akashic Records, class 1, video 1 of 3

Akashic Librarians explain that we Humans are Magnificient - 8.19.2020 - part 1 of 2 

Animal Communication - The incredible story of how leopard Diablo became Spirit - Anna Breytenbach, "animal communicator" This is a beautiful video that makes me cry with joy each time I watch it. It is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and can evolve our nature relationships with faith, intention and practice.

Some of my YouTube videos you might enjoy

Manifesting Wonderful Things:

What Actions support Manifestation? with Bonita Woods 4.16.18 PLUS spoon bending!

Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Dearest Desires & Joyous Abundance with Your Higher Self

Bonita Woods: Connect your vibration to that which you desire

Spoon Bending Basics with Bonita Woods

Chakra Understanding & Grounding

Activate Your Energy Centers 6/2018 (video 1 of 6 from Harness Your inner Fire!)

Root Chakra Mandala Guided Meditation from Harness Your Inner Fire! (video 6 of 6)

Meditation to connect with higher love

Think with your Heart

Chakras, Mantras & Mandalas

Why do Angels say our real lives are just a dream? (This is one of my favorites!)

Heart Healing

Heal Your Heart with Help from Ego & Gaia 5.2.18

You are perfect exactly as you are!

You are a Being of Love! 4.9.18 with Bonita Woods

Use your Ego and Karma to Manifest Wonders 3.19.18 video 1 of 2

Befriend your Ego to Manifest Amazingness 3.21.18 Part 2 of 2

Healthful Empathic Being

How to healthfully be an active Emapth Part 1 of 2

How to healthfully manage your natural Empathic Skills. PART 2

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting Ceremony: Release Family Distress & Enhance Love with Bonita

Full Moon Meditation with Cord Cutting Ceremony - featuring Moon & Water Magic

BWWI's FINAL Cord Cutting Ceremony before closing our wellness center 6.30.17

White Shell Woman and White Buffalo Woman guided journeys of LOVE

White Shell Woman connects us all (channeled meditation)

White Buffalo Woman takes us to a place of total healing and love (channeled meditation)

White Light Energy Healing Meditation

Bonita channels White Shell Woman 8.9.6

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Additional Resources

Additional commonly requested resources:

The evidential psychic medium I work with is Colleen Smith at I have worked with Colleen for several years and consider her to be among the most accurate psychics in existence. Colleen is also a therapist who specializes with helping the bereaved. 

Sandra Ingram & Soul Retrieval:  BOOK


German New Medicine:  (Healing physical effects caused by emotional trauma) 

Kimberly Saxon (Kimberly heals though German new Medicine hypnotherapy. It is amazing! She also leads seminars that are worth attending. Brilliant woman!!!!)

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