Bonita Woods

Private Sessions with Bonita

Private Sessions with Bonita

available in person and virtually via phone or internet

NOTE: This site only accepts credit card & PayPal payments. If you would like to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Bitcoin or Zelle please contact Bonita personally to arrange payment for your session. You can schedule your appointment time here on Bonita’s Booking Calendar OR contact us at & 703-992-9606

PranaShakthi Energy Healing with Bonita

PranaShakthi Energy Healing with Bonita


Cost is $111 per hour of service and ceremony. Bonita will coordinate with you the time and cost required to support your request and needs.

This most divine and sacred healing session is available in person and as distance healing. Bonita adds her experience with Aetheric Surgery and Diving Channeling to support your energetic reception and targeted focus of healing energy. The cost is $111 per hour. Contact Bonita to schedule your appointment at or call 703-992-9606. See Bonita's YouTube channel for examples of her powerful work!

Trained by Guruji Arun Kamar, Bonita is the only PranaShakthi Master Teacher on the East Coast. 
PranaShakthi healing can be booked in increments of 1 hour ... Session cost is: $111 per hour

The most profound energy healing technique found today anywhere in the world, Pranashakthi Healing makes connects with every dimension and energetic resonance. Practitioners use this sacred technique for healing one’s self and others using infinite dimensional cosmic energies, directly and remotely – through both touch and non-touch methods.
During your session, Bonita will also pass messages from Spirit &/or your past lives.

NOTE: We share edited video moments of all Bonita’s work on social media but take every precaution to respect the privacy of our clients’ identities. We do not share information that is specific to our clients’ current life personal issues or relationships.

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