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Who We Are

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is a non-profit Mind-Body-Spirit wellness education center located in the heart of Falls Church City, Virginia. We provide a variety of free and affordable programs to help you take charge of your personal wellness and well-being. The better educated you are on how your body functions, what you need to live your life with optimum health, the better you can make use of the health and wellness resources available to you. We coordinate programs with many local doctors, counselors and healthcare facilities. We believe that the better you understand yourself and your wellness needs, the better you can manage your well-being and the total quality of your life.

Our Vision

What We Do
We envision a world where people are not defined by their needs, differences, issues or distresses. We see a world where everyone has the ability to understand and manage their personal wellness programs. Nutrition, diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, doctors, counseling, medication, special services - these are tools to help you with your wellness needs but YOU are the manager of your well-being.

Bonita Woods Wellness Institue

offers events & workshops all over the world!

Our Programs

How We Do It
BWWI provides a variety of programs, workshops and services that support your physical, emotional and spiritual journey to vibrant health! Our programs are designed to support your existing services and regimen with additional understanding and skills to help you better manage your daily wellness care. We help to decrease your daily stress and increase your communication and daily lifestyle coordination.

Bonita's Personal
Healing Services

$111 per hour for any service

Sacred Healing Chamber
of Soul Level Bliss

$50 per Hour

Aura Photography
& Energy Mapping

$135 Aura Photograph & Personal Energy

Bonita's Current Workshops

Meet Yourself from Your Past Lives through the Akashic Records

2, 3, 4 or 6 hour workshop

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Are any of your current skills or personal distresses residual material from these times? Do you have recurring dreams, unexplained ailments, fears or phobias? People that you feel you have known before? A culture you feel connected with? 

Join us to journey into our past lives and unlock the key better understanding this life! By connecting with your past lives, you can align your total being and set a clear path for your future.

Bonita will explain how we are impacted by our past and how can support our future lives. She will take us on several journeys into our prior existences. Our final trip will be to our time between lives! 

This is a great workshop to attend with friends, especially those you feel met before this life.


Soul Shards, Soul Contracts & Soul Retrieval

2, 3 or 4 hour workshop

Our Higher State of Being is pure Energy which can divide and share aspects of Self with ease. Learn how we contract, share, weave, splinter and fragment our Soul. Also, how to pull your missing pieces back to yourself. Learn why we share our soul with others and the soul agreements involved with giving our shards to others for our mutual & higher good, as well as how we can temporarily exchange soul shards with a trusted friend to better understand our current life paths.

This is a powerful lesson and useful skill, especially if you are interested in developing your Past Life & Akashic Record relationship. Learn about the difference between Soul Sharing and Soul Fragmentation. This class culminates with a modern version of the Shamanic Soul Retrieval so each attendee can reclaim these fragmented and receive profound personal healing. 


Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony


The "Galactic Shamanic Sound Medicine" Healing Session provides individual with a complete clearing, rebalancing, retoning, recentering, rejuvenating, reshifting experience.

Spoon Bending & Small Object Levitation


The "Galactic Shamanic Sound Medicine" Healing Session provides individual with a complete clearing, rebalancing, retoning, recentering, rejuvenating, reshifting experience.

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Aura Photography & Chakra Energy Mapping

Do you ever wonder what your Aura looks like? How your Chakras are aligned? Today is your opportunity to find out! Check out our fancy equipment and learn how your electro-magnetic energy and neurologic pathways translate into beautiful visual images. The information you gain is helpful for self-understanding and appreciation. This can also be shared with your naturopath, holistic medical provider, massage therapist or acupuncturist.

How Do We Reincarnate? A Journey Through Your Akashic Records

You are invited to join with this fun, interesting & intensive workshop to connect with yourself and your dearest loved ones through multiple techniques and on diverse levels. Who are your Soul Family? How do they compare to your Guardian Angels? How many people are you currently living as, at this very moment? How much of your Soul is currently in your body and what parts of you are in others? Have you ever met yourself?

We will learn about, meet and connect with your Higher Self, your Soul Family & your Soul Shards. This is an intensive workshop that includes multiple guided meditations, which we will video record so you can return again and as often as you like.


Your Life Path and Soul Contracts

Learn how to connect with your Total State of Being! Recognize signs & messaging from your Higher Self, Soul-Family & your actual Past Life Selves while in your current everyday life. Learn to recognize members of your Soul Family and when past life relations come into your current life. Bring your past life energies into alignment with your current day life


Connect with Your Spiritual Guides and Angels

Ranessa Porter

Earth Spirit Healing Sessions, which uses Reiki along with the energies of the elements and the angels to heal you.

Connect with Your Spiritual Guides and Angels


Give Angel & Spirit Card Readings

Bonita Woods has been reading cards since she was a child, first trained by her grandmother then with a lifetime of sacred teachers. Bonita's cousin Brian Williams, known as the Renaissance Man of Tarot, also worked with Bonita through her youth. She is practiced in a variety of reading styles, including Shamanic Medicine Cards, Angel Cards, Tarot, Animal Spirit Cards, Tea Leaf Reading, Scrying, Dowsing, Pendulum and Runes. During your visit, your guides will work with us to find the perfect form of communication to help you with your questions. 

Reading cards helps you to become an energetic and  informational conduit. This helps you to connect with both your and your clients Spirit Guides, Angels and Light Helpers. You will receive their loving guidance and helpful insight of your true path.


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" I had the pleasure of having a session in the healing chamber. I was a great experience. The lights and the crystals, the aromatherapy, the music (I had a Native Indian CD), the pad with the stones and the copper, add to that the magnet in the comfy comforter along with the adjustable bed are a recipe for great healing! I could feel the energy and the healing run through my body where it was most needed. Very peaceful and relaxing environment! The picture of the aura and my talk with Bonita after were very useful. I am ready for my next session. Thanks Bonita for creating such a beautiful place.
Ps. It also has butterflies on the wall (transformation!)"