Bonita Woods

2-3 hour classes


2 & 3 Hour Programs with Bonita Woods

Each program lasts 2 - 3 hours. Standard fee is $50 per guest with a minimum of 15 guests.  Contact Bonita at or (703) 992-9606 to lead programs for you and your friends

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Bonita Channels Messages from the Divine

During a channeled message, Bonita enters a meditative state while her personality "steps aside" allowing Our Friends of the Non-Physical to step forward and use her body to communicate in a direct, conversational manner. It is a remarkable and very beautiful spiritual experience. You will leave with your heart touched and your spirit lifted. The loving energy that we receive is incredible, palpable and often life-changing. Bring your questions and be ready for a lively, loving conversation with Divine Beings of Light and Love.

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The Basics of Spoon Bending with Bonita

Spoon bending, a form of telekenesis, is a great way to demonstrate what can be accomplished when you connect your mind's energy to your higher senses. It is a physical skill that you can learn, and it provides irrefutable proof that you can harness the power of mind over matter!
Spoon bending is also a wonderful meditation tool and helpful for fine tuning energetic healing techniques. Reiki and other healing practitioners can use spoon bending to understand how your mind's intention moves energy.

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Harness Your Inner Fire!

We will explore methods of creating internal "gut energy", including the inspirational speech, chakra meditation, Earthing, nature healing & Angelic resonance.
There are many ways to connect with our inner being, from the purely physical to the divine aetheric. We will explore global and historic practices, focusing predominantly on Shamanic and Auyervedic techniques. We will expand our understanding and relationship to our personal energy core! 

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Meet Your Animal Spirits

Animal Spirit Guides are found in all cultures and beliefs. They connect us with both Earth and Inner Nature. Bonita will lead a short series of meditations that will lead you to a sacred space where all time and space connect. There you will meet with a series of messengers and your personal animal spirit guide/s. The information you receive in these meditations is all for your best well-being. They are all given from love and are gifts to help with your personal divine journey.

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What Color is Your Aura?

Do you ever wonder what your Aura looks like? How energy flows through your body and being? Today is your opportunity to find out! Your aura will be photographed several times in conjunction with short, guided group meditations. We will discuss how Chakra Energy, body language, personal focus and intention translate into color and energy. Meet yourself in a new light! Each student should bring a memory stick and laptop or tablet to store and view your images. 


NOTE: We share edited video moments of all Bonita’s work on social media but take every precaution to respect the privacy of our clients’ identities. We do not share information that is specific to our clients’ current life personal issues or relationships.