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Week Long (5 Day) Programs with Bonita Woods

Each day class meets 3 hours in the morning, 3 to 4 hours in the afternoon plus evening meditation or practice sessions. Standard fee is $500 per guest with a minimum of 8 guests.

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Learn to Receive and Channel Messages

We all receive messages from those in the non-physical. They may come in whispers, an inner knowing, a gut instinct or a heartfelt impression. Channeling is the just process of allowing these subtle messages to flow freely through your being. There are several styles of channeling, ranging from chatting with your guides to allowing them full possession of your body. You are always the one who determines your comfort of connection. This connection of communication can extend to your animal friends, dearly departed, Guides, Higher Self... or whomever you wish to communicate with. There are many techniques for making connections and channeling messages. This includes automatic writing, instant downloads, musical mediumship, Light Language, receiving and passing along information and direct channeling. There are unlimited ways to be an energetic conduit!

Bonita meditates with and channels many guides & several collectives. Initially, Bonita worked with White Shell Woman and White Buffalo Woman along with their apprentice The Angel Azengel as well as Bonita's many personal friends/angels/guides. These days Bonita works predominately with Gaia Divine Mother of All, The Librarians of the Akashic Records, the InterGalactic Council of Healers, Way Showers & PeaceMakers and the specific sub-group within, the Dancers of the Divine Light. This is your opportunity to open your Divine Messengers and and personal LightBeings of Love. Learn how to tap into Cosmic Information Highways and InterDimensional Wisdom.

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Align with your Inner Divine

You are an Eternal Being of Love, Light and Energy! You have lived many lives and enjoyed extraordinary experiences while out of this 3D existence.  Just imagine how special your days could be if you became connected with the beautiful collective that is you.

This lovingly focused week is designed to support each attendee, no matter what your prior experience level, to become acquainted with yourself.  Who is better qualified to help you traverse this journey of your current life than the total of You? 

We will explore global techniques for connecting with yourself, including Past Life Regression, visit the Akashic Records, Cord Cleansing in the Twilight Realm, meeting the Animal Spirit Guides of your various lives and states of being, traveling through your Chakras and Hara Line to meet with your Higher Self, and more, depending on the interest of this class.

This program is a combination of presentation, guided conversation, group guided meditation and team practice sessions. The techniques you learn will help maintain your relationship with yourself and also provide information to share with your loved ones. You will be touched with and attuned to Channeling Energy. Be prepared for this event to bring wonderful new connections into your life! 

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Journey through the Akashic Library to New Dimensions

Do you ever wonder what your previous lives were like? What you were like while living them? Are any of your current skills or personal distresses residual material from these times? Each and every one of us has the ability to access our personal Akashic Records.  Join Bonita to learn: Multiple techniques for gaining access to the Akasha; The many different forms and appearances the Akasha and Akashic Records can take and how to work with them to learn your personal messages; Recognizing signs & messaging from your Higher Self, Soul-Family & your actual Past Life Selves while in your current everyday life; Learn to recognize members of your Soul family and when past life relations come into your current life; To communicate with your past lives, heal past distresses and resolve old issues, especially those that are affecting your current day life; To bring your past life energies into alignment with your current day life.

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Heal Your Heart & the World

Learn to work with your Ego, Guides and your 3 Heart Centers (Physical, Energetic and Cosmic Hearts) to fully embrace and fill your body with total Healing and Love.  We will also discuss the power of Chakra, Grid and Mandala work. Learning to focus, direct and connect your Heart Energy with networks that can put it to good use. 

This program will help you to support your personal well-being, connect with Divine Energy and channel love to global grids. Students will gain comfort and learn to communicate with with the Mandalas and Networks you channel to.

Class Agenda:  1) What is Ego?  2) Your Cosmic Heart  3) Invite Your Guides to Help!  4) Heal Your Heart, Hearts, Body & Soul  5) Chakras, Grids and Mandalas  6) Connect Your Healing Love  7) Heal the World  8) Connect your Love to Cosmic Portals and Grids


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NOTE: We share edited video moments of all Bonita’s work on social media but take every precaution to respect the privacy of our clients’ identities. We do not share information that is specific to our clients’ current life personal issues or relationships.