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Some fun videos from recent events. You can see more at our Bonita Woods YouTube channel. We have several hundred videos there!

Bonita with    Stephen Hermann    at his Aetheric Surgery weekend workshop. It was dynamic!

Bonita with Stephen Hermann at his Aetheric Surgery weekend workshop. It was dynamic!

Life Long Skill Development

We all have natural capabilities and resonance connections. For me, I naturally connect to the Higher Realm (Cosmic, Angelic, Akashic, etc…) and the Lower Realm (Nature Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, Shamanic Guides, etc…) BUT the Middle Realm is often elusive. When I do connect with people who have passed, it is usually about their Akashic information or what they do in the Eternal Realm. I can’t learn where they hid jewelry or documents, but I can learn what Life Path Lessons they are still working on and how they want your help with their Karma in Process. To help grow my skills, I study with some amazing Evidential Psychic Mediums like Stephen Hermann and Robyn Wolf. The better we learn to fine tune our skills, the stronger is our platform and structure of ability to support new efforts and adventures!

Expand your Energy! A fun Master Class for your Senses 10.6.18 Focused Energy Activation (part 2 of 3)

I recently led a fun program on using your energy centers to support and fuel each other. We had a great time! The energy became so intense, some of the video glitched out. Of the 2 hour program, I was able to salvage just over 1 hour. Sorry if the sound sometimes goes a little staticky! But you know the reason why. While enjoying this video, feel welcome to relax and open your receptive centers to fill your being with loving and healing energy! You can fine the rest of the class on the Bonita Woods YouTube channel.

Channeled Messages from the Akash! (part 2 of 2) 10.14.18

The Librarians and Guardians of the Akashic records had some messages to share concerning What is Next for Humanity and Earth. They are such dear beings! A real delight to channel. Of course, their message was serious, but they love to tell jokes and lighten the mood.