Bonita Woods

Travel with us!


For nearly a decade, Bonita hosted globally celebrated healers at her premiere wellness center, Bonita Woods Wellness Institute. Now, Bonita is usually out and about, visiting as much of our beautiful planet as she can. You are invited to join us!

Where is Bonita?

Bonita is spending more in the wilderness than usual, studying with indigenous healers and working on her books.

Summer: Bonita is in Maine & Canada, working with Shamans and writing

Fall: Aside from a few quick work trips to Florida & North Carolina, we will mostly be in Virginia. Bonita will spend several weeks at a Vipassana Silent Retreat then sit on mountain top Spirit Journey for Featherway work. Every full moon weekend she will be assisting Azurae Windwalker at The Amethyst Center.

Winter: Bonita will return to the mountains of Central Mexico to work with indigenous artists, archaeologists, shamanic healers, butterflied and hummingbirds.

2018 travels with Bonita & Zander

Sacred Animals & Sanctuaries