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SEE BONITA’S PRODUCT REVIEWS HERE Here are my favorite items that are most often requested by friends, students and clients. Everything here has been used in my workshops or can be found in my studio & personal library. Please feel welcome to contact me ( if you have questions. NOTE: These links are connected with BWWI’s Amazon Associates program. Proceeds support our community programs to help special needs youth and rescue animals. Thanks for your care and interest with our work!

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Bonita’s E-Books, Web Classes and Sacred Art

Bonita’s e-books are channeled from Divine Friends then edited by Bonita with their guidance. This class includes a copy of the Bonita’s first e-book Heal Your Heart, Heal the World. Join Bonita with this series of 20 - 30 minute videos that expand on the messages in her book and several relevant guided meditations. It will be available by late-September, 2018

Bonita’s first e-book & web-class: Heal Your Heart, Heal the World is filled with channeled messages from Gaia, our Divine Mother & the Dancers of the Divine White Light. It will be published by early October, 2018. At that time, this book will be available for FREE for at least a week. We will announce this opportunity on all BWWI’s social media, especially Facebook.

Bonita’s second channeled book & accompanying web-class How Jesus Planned His Life Path & Soul Contracts will be available by late October. This book will also os offered for free for it’s first week of publication. We look forward to sharing this amazing Akashic adventure with you